Hugs for free!

Let’s make a small experiment. Take a piece of paper and write “Free hugs“, put it in a visible place: your office table, the door, in your chest… wherever, and give so many hugs as you can 😉

Tell me how do you feel at the end of the day

Long days, short days

Up and Down

Up and Down, by SanderWit

If all days have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds, why there are days like years and others like a heartbeat? Perception, just perception. Bad experiences, responsibilities and worries make us keep alert to confront problems. However, pleasure moments make us relax, enjoying the company.

It could be great if we would be able to keep away our mind out of worries and just enjoy good moments. But living only good moments will make us forget what it really means. The good, the bad… Things that come and go, experiences that make us grow up and participate in a vital circle characterized by ups and downs, hills and valleys, oceans and deserts.

After years going up and down I try to learn from bad moments to enjoy, even more, the good moments with friends or family (have you noticed how close are both?).

The life, a stupid path of one direction that can be walked just once. Since I learned what “carpe diem” means, I have tried to remember myself every morning.

Yes. Now I am in dark days, but the light days will come soon, sure 😉

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The importance of the optimism :-)


Optimism, by Julyshewolf

Everyone knows that the optimism is important. Usually, when we face a new challenge in our life, we are afraid. A lot of doubts and fears come to our mind. Will I be able to get this done?, What will happen if I am not able to be success?

Well, unless you are trying to do something illegal like stole a National bank or spy to the government any challenge you confront in your life will be good for you. Do not forget that defeat is a kind of victory.

Then, optimism becomes essential. Be optimist means that you believe in yourself, and that is the key for success. Maybe you do not achieve your main purpose but you will learn a lot of things in the way, and the battle is not finished yet. If we are alive, we have a chance.

Using Kindle to love reading

ereadersI love read since I learnt. I’ve read all kind of books, adventure, horror, technical books, philosophy… and when the first eReaders appeared, I thought “Wow, it could be cool, but I prefer the paper smell and its touch”. When I spoke with other book-lovers, everybody told me the same “I love books too, but you will love this new format as well, because you will read more and what you love is inside the books”

Recently, I have acquired a Kindle, and, I must admit, it is impressive. I can say, it is not made for reader, it is made for book-lovers. I am referring to eReaders in general, because the eReader is not a book substitute, it is a book itself, but you can make other things, like carry two or three books to read simultaneously or read without light (with eReaders with light, of course).

I have no more to add, if you love books, give a chance to eReaders, probably you will discover that they are not substitutes, they are books in a new format.

A last point: Thanks to eReaders, you will discover new writers that decide to edit the books by themselves, people that love books, love write, and write its own histories 🙂