The big deal

Sunset through a crystal ball, by twombold

Sunset through a crystal ball, by twombold

Along my life I have observed how easy is to detect big opportunities years after the best moment. I mean, in 90s it was obvious that the best investment in the 80s were computers, in first years of 21th century it was clear that the best investment in 90s were mobile phones, and you can find hundreds of examples like these.

How to find a good opportunity is probably (with the eternal beauty) one of the most wanted things of this era. Everyone wants to find its “El Dorado”, the philosopher stone that allow them to live a comfortable life. Of course, I am one of them, everyone has its own idea about a “comfortable life”.

You can be sure that within ten years, everyone you ask will know what was the best opportunity to invert ten years ago, i.e. now. So, I think we only can observe our environment and smell the wind, letting our instincts act.

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