Today: A weekend project

Today main window. Very simple, right?

Today main window. Very simple, right?

Two weeks ago I started what I call a Weekend project: a project I start a weekend because I am boring and I finish two weeks later, after test the code and include files like license, readme, etc.

In this occasion, I have write a small application to help me to improve my writing in English. How?, well, I just  need to write a lot to improve my informal English, and the blog require more worked text. With this application I can write in a few minutes what I have done along the day, like in a diary.

Today (that is the name of the application) keeps a registry of the entries, stored by date. So, the user only need to select the date, write and save. Also, the application includes a spell checking feature to help to write words correctly.

I encourage you to download de code and test the program. Let me know your impressions 😉

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