What is the value of an idea?


ZenIdea, by Caen-N

Probably, you have listen a hundred of times expressions like “the success of this project is its idea” or “the core of this business is its invaluable idea“. Of course, we can swore that they are correct, everyone agree about the importance of a good idea, how important is to get a simple and pure good idea.

But, really we pay for good ideas?, how much we pay?, a good idea compensates the economic effort of bad (or at least, as not good) ideas?. I have look intensively for answers these lasts weeks, and my conclusion (I hope and desire to be wrong) is that all people want good ideas, they hope you will find them like mushrooms after the rain, but what finally decides your value is not your ideas but your the economic results you produce.

So, your value are not your ideas but your capacity to make money with these ideas, do not hope to live selling ideas

2 thoughts on “What is the value of an idea?

  1. txetxu Velayos


    the value of an idea is 0 unless it could be a patent or similar. Read this and you’ll understand me.

    Think it my friend.


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