When the ideas have a value

Adrian, Nao, and the Next Nature

Adrian, Nao, and the Next Nature

Some months ago I spoke about the value of ideas. I would like to retake this issue and give a new approach to it. Some days ago, I had the opportunity to assist to an exposition (or showroom) celebrated into the TU/e University (EIndhoven). The idea of the exposition is very simple: students from the University have to work along some months into an idea and present their work and conclusions to professors, colleagues and visitors (like me).

It was a very interesting experience, and I would like to remark two aspects:

1.- The University supports the students ideas. Maybe you do not know or you do not remember, but the University where I come from, you can work in your ideas in your spare time (if you have) and the University, usually, is not interested in that work. Moreover, find a professor to support your ideas with time or resources… is quite difficult (but these professors exists, I assure you). Here, is mandatory (if you want to pass the course) to work in these ideas you have, or maybe others had before you (Is not crazy make the people work in innovative and stupid ideas, making research and spending public money?)

2.- The opportunity the students have to talk about their ideas and how hungry they are to know your opinion. I think, this is the first step to start a project (your own project): believe in it. I saw hungry in their eyes, expectation, appetite for continue, for know your feedback. That is great. These feelings are the foundations of the science.

At the University entrance, I saw a “slogan” I found a bit presumptuous: “Where the innovation starts“. I am starting to think I am wrong. I hope to be wrong. Till now, I have see what Spanish Universities and the central government do not give you: an opportunity

I can not explain how impressed I felt: good ideas, crazy ideas, stupid ideas, mad ideas… all kind of them, all kind of students, all of them brilliants, all of them in the first steps to get something very difficult: work in something you love exploring your own ideas, your own path, your own way.

I would like to talk about all projects presented, but it will take more time I have. I invite you to read about the projects from their owners: the students.

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